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Alagoas, Brazil, São Miguel dos Milagres, Maceió, Alagoas

Alagoas – São Miguel dos Milagres

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Alagoas, Brazil – São Miguel dos Milagres

Alagoas is a state in North-East Brazil. It is well-known for its picture-postcard beaches such as Maragogi, Gunga and Barra de São Miguel. According to legend, the municipality of São Miguel dos Milagres got its name after a local fisherman found a piece of wood covered in muscles and seaweed on this beach. On taking the washed-up piece of wood home, to clean it up, the fisherman noticed that carved into the wood was an image of Michael the Archangel. After finishing the cleaning was overcome with shock. A wound, that he had for some time, had spontaneously healed. The news soon spread and the area soon became populated with people in search of healing and miracles. Alagoas Tourism is full of tips on the best ways to discover Alagoas.

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