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white christmas 2018, beast from the east, snow

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White Christmas 2018

What are the odds of a white Christmas 2018?  You have to go all the way back to 2010 for the last UK White Christmas. Will it be a white Christmas 2018, and where does it actually have to snow for it to be a white Christmas?

Traditionally a snow flake had to land on the roof of the London Weather centre for it to be a white Christmas.  Going by that measure, the last white Christmas in the UK was in 2014.  However, the weather in London isn’t always representative of that across the whole country.  For the Met Office, the UK’s National Meteorological Service, there is now a broader definition.  For it to be a white Christmas 2018, at least one snow flake has to be observed falling somewhere in the UK on Christmas day.

So that’s what a white Christmas is but will we have a White Christmas 2018?  Latest forecast from the Met Office is not looking promising.  Colder scenarios are currently looking less likely than mild ones.  Having said that, UK weather can be unpredictable even over the short term, so perhaps there is some hope for the forecasts to start changing!  Keep checking the latest forecast on the Met Office website.  If you’re going to be outside the UK for the festive period you check their forecast for wherever you will be.  Finally, if you’re into weather maps, you can see the latest CFS forecast map on the netweather.tv site.

Bleak Midwinter

white christmas 2018, beast from the east, snow
Snow-covered trees in Cirencester Park, Cotswolds

Although I didn’t take this picture at Christmas, it definitely felt Christmassy.  It is one I took during the Beast from the East earlier this year!  I was one of the few brave enough to brave the extreme wintry conditions in the Cotswolds at that time.  I was lucky enough to survive and manage to capture a few shots on an analogue film camera.  This one was on Ilford HP5 Plus black and white 35 mm film.  I processed the film at home in Kodak D76.

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