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What is an art model? perspectives

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What is an Art Model?

What is an Art Model and how is an art model different from a life model? Although the term ‘art model’ can include art modelling, an art model tends to pose for photographic art. In contrast, life models work with non-photographic artist. Naturally, a model can work as both a life and an art model! Unhelpfully, this begs the question – what is non-photographic modelling?

Non-photographic modelling is another term for life modelling or figure modelling. Historically life and figure modelling is for life drawing: drawing from a live model (rather than photographs) in different poses. Life drawing is important for studying forms, proportions and perspective.

So what is an art model? Typically an art model poses for a photographer working on a conceptual art project. Photographer Chloe Rosser used art models in her ‘Form and Function’ series. Using art models she was able to emphasize our increasing alienation from our own bodies.

What is an art model? perspectives
jfFrank made the photograph which accompanies this post at a workshop arranged by L A Noble Gallery. Art models posed for the image. The image is part of the ongoing series ‘Perspectives’.

Is Photography Art?

From the dawn of photography as a medium, critics asked if it could be considered an art? The debate can effectively be considered over. Critics now accept photographers like Andreas Gursky and Cindy Sherman as artists. It seems collectors agree with them. The most expensive photograph sold at auction going for over four million dollars.

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