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Spinach – 10 Slimming foods to eat every day

With the Christmas festivities and indulgences over, and the focus now being on “new year, new me” we thought we’d start the working year with some foods that might help dieters. This comes from a Harper’s Bazaar article. We’ve taken some pics and added a little information about each food. So far we’ve featured avocado, which can suppress hunger and yesterday, artichokes, which may help with slimming and tasty chocolate which can make you slimmer if eaten regularly. We’ve also looked at high protein, high-fibre almond butter, an alternative to peanut butter (which be be suitable for allergy sufferers) and then yesterday. For dieters on a budget we have featured water, cottage cheese and, yesterday, gherkins. Yesterday, our slimming food, was the humble egg, rich in protein and vitamin D. Vitamin D can help optimise fat burning.

Today we turn to spinach. Spinach is full of iron, helping deliver oxygen to cells and providing the energy they need to burn fat.

Spinach, according to the article, can be eaten in volumes, for far fewer calories than other foods. Spinach had this in common with many other vegetables, in fact. According to BBC Good Food spinach has remarkable abilities to restore energy, increase vitality and improve the quality of the blood. Spinach is also packed with vitamins: vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitaminB12 as well as folic acid. The nutritional powerhouse with super powers is also a good source of manganese, magnesium, iron and vitamin B2.

On top of all this, spinach is easy to prepare: just wash it and throw it on the plate. Remember to use a healthy portion if cooking though! Spinach will lose some water when heated.

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