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Silbury Hill – Largest Prehistoric Monument

Silbury Hill, just a short walk from the Avebury Stone Circles is the largest prehistoric monument in Europe. The mound was the tallest structure in Europe until the Middle Ages and is 130 feet (40 metres) high. Even today, it is still the largest man-made mound in Europe.

Silbury Hill would have been created over several generations around 2660 BC, before even the first stones at Stonehenge would have been raised. The construction was no walk in the park: it likely took some 700 men ten years’ work to build, modern archaeologists have been puzzled for some time as to why Silbury Hill was created.

The post picture, at Silbury Hill was captured last summer on the same day as the Avebury Stone Circles image on a previous post. There is free access to the sites so you can arrive and have a quiet moment of reflection at the site before it starts to get busier. A great neolithic day out might include getting to the Avebury Stone Circles for sunrise, before embarking on the National Trust’s Averbury Archaeology Walk. The route takes you from neolithic Avebury, into West Kennet, then on to Silbury Hill before returning to the Avebury car park. After refreshments, it will be time to drive on to Stonehenge which is just 40 minute’s drive. There is restricted access to Stonehenge, so be sure to book a slot before arriving. See the English Heritage website for Silbury Hill directions and accessibility information.

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