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Michael Hoppen Gallery, Chelsea, Photography Exhibitions London October 2019

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Photography Exhibitions London October 2019

October London photography exhibitions bring another wonderful Tim Walker exhibition. This new one is at Chelsea’s Michael Hoppen gallery and focuses on the artist’s portrait work. Meanwhile the V&A Tim Walker show continues in South Kensington. There is an altogether different free display on now at the Barbican Centre. Trevor Paglen: From ‘Apple’ to ‘Anomaly’ takes images from the 10-year old ImageNet library. It prompts questions on hidden politics, bias and stereotypes in AI.

Last week we added the new Shot in Soho display at The Photographers’ Gallery. That show, which features William Klein works continues until early next year. The other William Klein show at HackelBury in South Kensington is coming to an end soon however. Also ending soon is Fall into Golden Light in New Cross as well as Nan Goldin. The Nan Goldin display is at the Tate Modern. More details on these photography exhibitions in London October 2019 can be found further down the page.

As well as this post we have a regularly updated London Photography Galleries list. That list compliments this post on London Photography Exhibitions so is also worth a peek. It contains information such as opening times and maps for the London photography exhibitions.

Tim Walker: Wonderful People

Just opening!

Tim Walker: Wonderful People is timed to coincide with the similarly named exhibition: Wonderful Things at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington. See further information on the Wonderful Things exhibition lower down this post. Unlike Wonderful Things, Wonderful People, as the name suggests on Tim Walker’s portrait work. Among the portraits featured are artist duo Gilbert & George and late fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Like Miles Aldridge and a handful of other photographers Walker prefers analogue film cameras. That is over the convenience of digital photography.

The Michael Hoppen Gallery is in Chelsea. They are based just off the King’s Road. The gallery is close to South Kensington tube station or a slightly further walk from Sloane Square. Note, that Michael Hoppen is not too long a walk from the V&A museum either.

Just opening!
Michael Hoppen, Chelsea. Map:
Until Saturday, 25th January, 2020.
More information: Michael Hoppen.
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Trevor Paglen: From ‘Apple’ to ‘Anomaly’

The ImageNet collection of more than 14 million images is infamous among Machine Learning Computer Scientists. The images sorted into 20,000 categories are used to ‘train’ neural networks in visual recognition. The collection, created by Fei-Fei Li is 10 years old this year. Artist Trevor Paglen has taken more than 30,000 images, principally from ImageNet to create his Curve commission. The images and the groups they are assigned to provoke some reflection on the hidden politics, biases and stereotypes developed by AI.

Barbican Centre, Barbican. Map:
Until Sunday, 16th February, 2020.
More information: Barbican Centre.
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Shot in Soho

Shot in Soho explores and celebrates the square mile of London that is Soho through the medium of photography. True to Soho the images remind of Soho’s diverse culture, community and creativity in innovation. The show features work by fashion photographer William Klein as well as Swedish photographer Anders Petersen and others.

The Photographers’ Gallery is in Soho, behind Oxford Street and not so far from Liberty of London. The nearest Underground station it Regents’ Park though Piccadilly Circus together will Tottenham Court Road is also a short walk.

£5 or free after 17:00 daily Tickets:
The Photographers’ Gallery, Soho. Map:
Until Sunday, 9th February, 2020.
More information: The Photographers’ Gallery.
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London Photography Exhibitions October 2019

Mary Sibande: I Came apart at the Seams

Mary Sibande is a South African artist. She uses sculpture as well as photography to explore identity in the country, in the post-colonial era. Sibande has been honoured many times throughout her career, including receiving the 2017 Smithsonian National Museum of African Arts Award. Though she has exhibited widely, both in South Africa and globally this is her first solo London exhibition.

Mary Sibande: I Came apart at the Seams at Somerset House explores new as well as celebrated works from the artist. With life size sculptures and large-scale prints we embark on a journey with Mary Sibande’s avatar Sophie. On the journey, Sophie is transformed from a humble domestic housemaid into a cast of empowered characters.

The show is part of the Charles Russell Speechlys Terrace Rooms Series. The Charles Russell Speechlys Terrace Rooms Series is a series of free shows which put the public in contact with living artists. Somerset House is on the Strand, near Waterloo Bridge. Covent Garden as well as the tube station at Holborn is within walking distance.

Free entry
Somerset House, Strand. Map:
Until Sunday, 5th January, 2020.
More information: Somerset House.
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Tim Walker: Wonderful Things

Tim Walker: Wonderful Things exhibition trailer

British fashion photographer Tim Walker shot his first fashion story for Vogue when 25. Earlier, he had been working in New York where he was an assistant to prolific fashion and portrait photographer Richard Avedon. He still works for Vogue, whose readers entrances and has worked with W and Love magazines for some years. Tim Walker’s signature — a twisted fairytale aesthetic — is instantly recognisable.

Tim Walker: Wonderful Things is an immersive journey into the photographer’s fantastical worlds. Featured are ten projects directly influenced by treasures found in the vast V&A collection. The V&A Museum is in South Kensington, on Exhibition Road, a few minutes from South Kensington tube station.

Adult with donation: £16.50 Tickets:
V&A, South Kensington. Map:
Until Sunday, 8th March, 2020.
More information: Victoria and Albert Museum.
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Photography Exhibitions London October 2019

William Klein: Painted Contacts + Photographs

Closing soon!

William Klein is one of the world’s most influential photographers. Together with Robert Frank (who recently passed), Klein is considered a father of street photography. His fashion work for Vogue was famed. The approach was novel, in particular, using a wide-angle, lens close up, often outside with natural lighting.

Hackelbury present super-sized (more than two-metres long) painted contacts including previously unreleased William Klein works. The display represents the totality of Klein’s artistic practice: his moving image and painting career as well as his photographic work are presented.

Hackelbury is in South Kensington close to both Gloucester Road and High Street Kensington stations.

Closing soon!
HackelBury, South Kensington. Map:
Until Saturday, 2nd November.
More information: Autograph.
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Fall into Golden Light

Closing soon!

Fall Into Golden Light is an autumnal group exhibition at MMX Gallery in New Cross. The show features work from Valda Bailey as well as Michael Abramson, Michael Jackson, Michal Cala, Brian Griffin and Neil Shirreff.

Valda Bailey is a photographer from Jersey known, above all, as an expert in the Intentional Camera Movement technique. Typically landscape photographers invest in a strong and stable tripod. In addition, they use in-camera functions to minimise vibrations caused by internal movement within the camera. This all helps to get the sharpest picture possible. Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) throws this all out the window. Instead, the photographer moves the camera on purpose – panning or following a particular pattern – to blur the created photograph. The technique can create new textures in the image. The result might be something like the Impressionist painters’ work.

Valda Bailey was a painter before taking up photography seriously and uses ICM and multiple exposure to create abstract shapes in her photography. Her intention is to convey feelings invoked by the landscape, drawing on its essence rather than a focus on its detail.

Closing soon!
MMX Gallery, New Cross. Map:
Until Sunday, 3rd November.
More information: MMX Gallery.
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Lina Iris Viktor: Some are Born to Endless Night – Dark Matter

Lina Iris Viktor: Materia Prima

Viktor is a British-Liberian artist who works with both conceptual art and performance art. Most notable is the multi-disciplinary approach to her work. Her practice unites photography, performance and abstract painting together with gold gilding. The dark canvases or ‘light-works‘ which she creates have embedded layers of light. These layers of light are decorated with symbols as well as intricate patterns. Her work provokes contemplation on the socio-political and historical prejudices surrounding ‘blackness’.

For Lina Iris Viktor, black is the proverbial ‘materia prima. This is evident from the 60 works on display over two galleries at Autograph in Shoreditch. As well as the expected signature 24-karat gold, rich and opulent blue hues and, deep and dark matte blacks feature. The works, employing this restricted palette, explore ‘race’, history and ownership. These themes are studied in the in a context of the, so called, dark continent — Africa.

Some Are Born to Endless Night — Dark Matter unites pieces from several works in the Lina Iris Viktor ouevre. The Dark Continent and Materia Prima as well as A Haven. A Hell. A Dream Deferred. feature. There is also a sculpture on show from Black Botanica, together with the Black Ark installation. This much anticipated display is curated by René Mussai.

The Autograph gallery is at Rivington Place in Shoreditch. The Shoreditch High Street London Overground station as well as Boxpark Shoreditch are just a few minutes’ walk. Liverpool Street station is also close; less than 1000 metres. Autograph hold regular photography displays. They aim to enable the public to explore identity, representation, human rights and social justice.

Free entry
Autograph, Shoreditch. Map:
Until Saturday, 25th January, 2020.
More information: Autograph.
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Photography Exhibitions London October 2019

Richard Avedon: Portolios

Richard Avedon | The Most Sought after Photographer in the World | 4 Minute Minidoc

Avedon was an American fashion and portrait photographer who undoubtedly no introduction at all. His big break came in 1944 when he was endorsed by the Director of Art at Harper’s Bazaar Alexei Brody. He soon became the chief photographer at Harper’s Bazaar. His prolific career spans more than 50 years. Over that time his portraits ranged from those of ordinary citizens, such as truckers, miners and factory workers, to the elite and government. His sitters for a series of large format photographs included Marilyn Monroe and Dwight D. Eisenhower as well as Andy Warhol. Avedon himself has been an influence for many photographers including Annie Leibovitz and Hiro.

In Richard Avedon; Portfolios, Hamiltons exhibit work from two quite rare Avedon portfolios. That is La Passante du Siècle and Made in France. The former is from Avedon’s 1950’s Harper’s Bazaar days while Made in France was published in 2001. Hamiltons Gallery is in Mayfair, close to Grosvenor Square and only a short walk from Green Park tube station.

Hamiltons, Mayfair. Map:
Until Wednesday, 13th November.
More information: Hamiltons.
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Nan Goldin

Closing soon!

American photographer Nan Goldin is known, in particular, for her lush colour photography work which often featuring LGBT-related themes. Reflected in her work is her uncompromised manner and style, portraying subjects in a quite candid way. According to Goldin, this reflects her desire ‘to leave a record of her life that no one can revise’. Goldin’s work was influenced Larry Clark together with Diane Arbus.

Tate Modern presents a slide show projection as well as framed prints from The Ballad of Sexual Dependency. The Ballad of Sexual Dependency was a visual diary. It chronicled the struggle for intimacy and understanding within Goldin’s so-called ‘tribe’.

The Tate Modern is on the South Bank of the Thames, and just a few minutes’ walk from St. Paul’s tube station. There is also always some interesting photography within in the Tate permanent displays. Although there is no admission fee to see the permanent collection, there is an optional donation.

Closing soon!
Natalie Bell Building: Level 3 East, Tate Modern, Southbank. Map:
Until Sunday, 27th October.
More information: Tate.
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Photography Exhibitions London October 2019

That’s it for this week’s Photography Exhibitions in London October 2019. Look out for still more Photography Exhibitions in London next week!

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