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Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross buns are the feature of our second Good Friday post on Easter treats. So far we have mostly focussed on chocolate Easter treats with posts on bean to bar chocolate, artisan chocolate makers with further posts on Heart Healthy Chocolate Perks and ethical, ‘fairtransport’ chocolate. Earlier we posted a macaroons recipe for anyone looking for Easter treats on a budget. While yesterday we looked at Easter egg history and how the Christian celebration became about chocolate eggs. Which bring us to hot cross buns.

Where do hot cross buns originate?

Hot cross buns are on any list of Easter British food recipes for food to eat on Good Friday. How though did they become associated with Easter? In a previous post on Easter egg history we mentioned the Nordic goddess, Eostre, in fact hot cross buns were originally eaten by the Saxons to honour the goddess. For the pagans, the bun represented the moon, and the cross, the quarters of the moon. For Christians, of course, the cross symbolises the crucifixion of Christ.

The post picture shows a hot cross bun from A. J. Whiddet’s Bakery in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. The Whiddets and their son have specialised in traditional, hand-made, mouth-watering baked treats since 1961. The chocolate bar is from Amelia Rope. Award-winning Amelia, one of Britain’s best, self-taught chocolatiers makes luxury chocolate bars and chocolate products in London. Try one of her flavoured bars which are dark chocolate blended with fruit pieces, yielding a divine bitter-sweet combo. The Pale Coffee Bean bar is shown in the photograph. These are available from Liberty’s of London, amongst other chocolate specialists.

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