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Grenada Chocolate Company – Fairtransport Easter Treats

Grenada Chocolate Company chocolate is the third in our series on Easter treats. Yesterday, we looked at the heart health benefits of chocolate and before that explored bean to bar chocolate. Which brings us neatly to the Grenada Chocolate Company. The Grenada Chocolate Company make bean to bar chocolate in their Grenadian solar-powered factory. The cocoa is sourced from a Grenadian cooperative. The company ethically ships the finished chocolate bars from the Caribbean to Portsmouth, for sale in Britain. Do they use a standard cargo ship? Of course not, this is the Grenada Chocolate Company! They have their own wind-powered, sustainable, sail ship.

Grenada is a small Caribbean Island, with an estimated population of around 100,000. Known as the “Island of Spice”, Grenada has historically been a principal, global source of nutmeg. This is, in no small part, because the island’s rich volcanic soils lend themselves to growing just about anything. Today cocoa is Grenada’s principal export. The Grenada Chocolate Company source their cocoa from the local cooperative. The cooperative creates high quality, dark chocolate from local, organic ingredients at their solar powered facility nestled in lush rain forest.

The post picture shows a bar of Organic Nib-a-licious Dark Chocolate from The Grenada Chocolate Company and some cacao powder. In Grenada, cacao is used to make hot chocolate. This is a breakfast staple for farmers preparing for a hard day’s work in Grenada’s fertile fields. We found research which showed drinking cocoa can improve brain performance. Grenada Chocolate Company chocolate is sold by Rococo from their London and Chester boutiques and by online chocolatiers. The chocolate is also available in any supermarket in Grenada. Why not explore the Spice Isle on your next family holiday? Grenada is served by weekly, direct flights from London by two leading British airlines. See The Grenada Chocolate Company website for more information on the company, sustainable production and fairtransport.

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