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Chocolate – 10 Slimming foods to eat every day

With the Christmas festivities and indulgences over, and the focus now being on “new year, new me” we thought we’d start the working year with some foods that might help dieters. This comes from a Harper’s Bazaar article. We’ve taken some pics and added a little information about each food. We kicked off with avocado, which can suppress hunger and yesterday, we took a look at artichokes, which may help with slimming. Today, quite unexpected as a slimming food, it’s chocolate!

Chocolate eaters are slimmer? A University of California, San Diego study found that regular chocolate eaters really are slimmer. The findings suggested it’s not just the number of calories we take that can impact our weight, but their composition too.

Dark chocolate has also been identified as a source of antioxidants which can be beneficial to heart health. The regular consumption of small amounts of dark chocolate can be associated with a lower risk of heart attack. Further, research published in the Southern Medical Journal shows that eating dark chocolate regularly can raise HDL (good cholesterol) levels and lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. A slimming food which we all like?

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