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Nov 02

Best workout time: before work, lunchtime or after work?

Pop by 'n say hi!Best workout time Best workout time really depends on what type of person you are and the type of training you want to get done that day. As modern life is so busy, it can be tricky to fit a regular exercise routine into our day. You may not have to worry about putting a lot of time into it though. This is because Norwegian research shows just twelve minutes’ of high intensity exercise three times a week was enough to stay fit, decreasing blood pressure and glucose levels in volunteers. That said what is best workout time to get the most out of those 12 minutes’ exercise? Muscle growth The best workout time for muscle growth could be afternoon or evening. That is because muscle strength increases from a low point in the morning, according to U.S. Sports Science research. Circadian rhythms mean peak performance can be achieved when your body is warmest in the evening, other research suggests. Finnish research at the University of Jyväskylä showed that less muscle was built when training in the morning compared to when training in the evening. This is all about muscle training though, what is the best […]
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Best Retouching App: Facetune, Portrait Pro or Photoshop

Pop by 'n say hi!Best retouching app What is the best retouching app? Many photos seen online and on photo sharing apps like Instagram have been edited or retouched. There are many apps available to retouch photos as a result, it is difficult to know which is the best retouching app to go with. Some apps are quick and easy to use. These are fantastic for getting your photo posted as quickly as possible. While other full feature applications like Photoshop probably require a little training. In addition to Photoshop, we look at Facetune and Portrait Pro, in this best retouching app piece, weighing up the pros and cons. Disclosure: We have not received compensation from the companies whose products we mentioned in this post. Facetune Facetune is a powerful yet simple to use premium smart phone app (available for iOS and android). It is great for concealing small blemishes because you can easily select which areas of the image to edit and to what degree. Portrait Pro While Portrait Pro has many powerful features, it is not that difficult to use making it a good contender for the best retouching app. Rather than run on your smartphone, Portrait Pro […]
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German Church Stockholm, Tyska Kyrkan

Pop by 'n say hi!German Church Stockholm, Tyska Kyrkan The German Church Stockholm (or Tyska Kyrkan in Swedish) of St Gertrude’s has stood in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan (Old Town) since the 1580s. Several architects were involved in the design of the German Church Stockholm including Wilhelm Boy who was King Eric III’s architect. The northern gate of the church is engraved with the church motto “Fear God! Honour the King!”. The interior of the church is Baroque in style with large windows. Why is there a German Church at the heart of Sweden’s Capital? Germans dominated the area of Gamla Stan where the church stands in the Middle Ages. In the 14th century a guild was founded on the site by German merchants. The many Germans merchants and craftsmen living in Stockholm in the Middle Ages did not have a separate site for their religious sermons though until King John III authorised the formation of a separate parish in 1571. Priests were summoned from Germany to form the first German ecclesiastical parish outside of Germany. The church was initially at another site, the current site was home to a Finnish chapel at the time. However within a few years the […]
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Swedish phone line: call a Swede

Pop by 'n say hi!Swedish phone line: call a Swede Swedish phone line: to mark the 250th anniversary of the abolition of censorship in Sweden, Swedish Tourism has created a Swedish phone line which will connect you to a random Swede. This makes Sweden the first country in the world to have its own telephone number. Svenska Turistföreningen (The Swedish Tourist Association) invites you to “Get connected to a random Swede and talk about anything“. Ever wanted to know how to make the perfect Swedish meatballs, how to pronounce ‘Ikea’ like a Swede or more about Malmö, where the Nordic Noir thriller The Bridge is set? Now it will only cost you a phone call to Sweden, to find out. What is the Swedish phone line? The number is +46 771 793 336. The line is staffed by volunteers, some just wanted to practice their English – though, despite what they often tell you, I am yet to meet a Swede who speaks English badly! Swedish phone line etiquette Apparently, some Swedes might get irritated if you ask them about Ikea furniture and ABBA, so be considerate when coming up with your question! Another potential pitfall is confusing Sweden with […]
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Stockholm Walks: Riksgatan, Gamla Stan

Pop by 'n say hi!Stockholm Walks Stockholm is modern, tranquil city, steeped in history. From the ABBA experience, to the Vasa Museum housing the 300 year old Swedish warship, there is literally something for everyone. The city is quite easy to navigate on foot, with many pedestrianised areas. You can walk the two kilometer route from the top of Drottninggatan (Queen Street), the modern, broad, shopping avenue, right down into Gamla Stan (The Old Town). You cross the Riksbron (Parliament Bridge) on to tiny island Helgeandsholmen, housing the Riksdagshuset (Parliament House), follow Riksgatan (pictured in this post) and then hop onto the medieval Gamla Stan (Old Town) island. There a narrow alley, Västerlånggatan, replete with souvenir shops to suit the taste of any tourist brings you to the other side of Gamla Stan. This, all without having to take a single turn – the only thing to get lost in is the irresistible charm of Sweden’s capital city! Stockholm Walks Ghost Walks in the Old Town This first of the Stockholm walks, runs from May to August and ‘walks you through’ some fascinating history, life stories and legends of Gamla Stan Photo Stockholm Walks organised by City Photo Tour take […]
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Photo London 2016: London Photo Exhibitions

Pop by 'n say hi!Photo London 2016 & London Photography Exhibitions May 2016 This is a London Photography Exhibitions post from our archives. Click link to see the latest London Photography Exhibitions. Photo London 2016 is here – the year long wait is over: London’s largest ever photography exhibition has re-opened. There is work on show from 85 photography galleries from around the world with talks from first class, world-renowned British and international photographers. On top there are special exhibitions from legendary photojournalist Don McCullin and Turner Prize nominated Craigie Horsfield. With all that to take in, we’ve posted some pointers on what not to miss. Read on for a few tips on some stands to look out for. If you’re coming into London specially for Photo London 2016, make a day of it and go see the Miles Aldridge London photography exhibition: ‘Please Return Polaroid’ in Piccadilly. There’s a stack of other fantastic exhibitions on in the capital to coincide with Photo London including Paul Strand at the V&A, Martin Parr at the Guildhall Art Gallery, Henry Fox Talbot at the Science Museum and Zhang Kechun at Beetles + Huxley, also close to Piccadilly… you might need the whole […]
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Clubbing workout: Is clubbing a good workout?

Pop by 'n say hi!Clubbing workout Clubbing workout: is clubbing a good workout? Clubbing can be a good night out, but does it count as cardio? Is there such a thing as a clubbing workout? How many calories do you burn dancing? A full night of clubbing is a great form of exercise, as a clubbing workout (according to journalist Toni Jones) uses all major muscle groups and works the muscles and fibres that control posture as well as getting your heart pumping. Some see it as an alternative to gym and rather pay for good night’s clubbing instead of a gym membership. One club, Daybreaker offers 2-hour clubbing workout parties, where you can burn 500-600 calories an hour. According to research, this is equivalent to running between four and six miles (depending on your body weight). The post image features a Zara Watson studio capture by jfFrank. See our recent Zara Watson post to find out more about Zara. Follow jfFrank Instagram feed and check the jfFrank latest posts regularly to see future Zara Watson model shots. As well as featuring captures from studio sessions with models, we post regularly on a wide range of topics from travel to […]
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Zara Watson Model – jfFrank shoot

Pop by 'n say hi!Zara Watson Model Zara Watson, the blonde, green eyed, 5′ 8″ (1.70 m) tall British professional model hails from the North East of England. We shot with her last month at a studio session in Northamptonshire, just north of London. Zara Watson is a versatile and experienced model, as comfortable shooting fashion or lifestyle as she is doing boudoir or art nude. It was fantastic working with Zara Watson, she clearly has a lot of experience modelling, just a quick run through of what we’re looking for in the shot is enough for her to deliver every time. With all her experience modelling, she knows a lot about photography too, so if you want to impress her, make sure you pull out a long lens for her portraits! You can find out more about Zara Watson model on her modelling profile. Follow jfFrank Instagram feed and check the jfFrank latest posts regularly to see future Zara Watson model shots. As well as featuring captures from studio sessions with models, we post regularly on a wide range of topics from travel to healthy living, each post featuring jfFrank photos. We also post a regular London Photography Exhibitions […]

Happy Easter 2016 – Holy Rood at The Lawns

Pop by 'n say hi!Happy Easter 2016 Happy Easter + Glad Påsk + God Påske + Hyvää Pääsiäistä + Páscoa feliz + Frohe Ostern + Felices Pascuas Capture by jfFrank of the Holy Rood at The Lawns in Swindon, Wiltshire. The Holy Rood is an old Norman church, and was until 1851 the only church in Swindon. Holy Rood at the Lawns stands isolated at the hilltop, with the grounds of the Goddard family Tudor mansion. The land is thought to contain the remains of a Saxon village. The Goddard manor was not exclusively for the use of the family, it is though that local residents were allowed to ice skate on the lakes within the ground, when they froze over. During the World War II, the manor house was used to house US and British troops. During this period it sustained some damage and by 1952, it became derelict and, sadly, was demolished. Only the chancel area of Holy Rood at the Lawns remains today. Though the chancel is not generally open to the public, though it is possible to arrange visits. We post regularly on London Photography Exhibitions and a wide range of topics from travel to healthy […]
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Connor Taylor – New Face

Pop by 'n say hi!Connor Taylor – New Face Here’s the first capture from our studio shoot with new face Connor Taylor, from early last month. Connor Taylor is a natural in front of the camera, despite being relatively new to modelling. The British model’s laid-back character make him a joy to work with, pulling fantastic poses from the first click. Young and full of confidence, Connor Taylor is always keen to try something new. He is a well-rounded character with many interests beyond modelling. We worked on a broad range of shots to update his portfolio. Look out for fitness and lifestyle shots of Connor Taylor in upcoming posts. We’re already trying to find another date in Connor Taylor’s busy diary to book another studio photo shoot. Follow jfFrank Instagram feed and check the jfFrank latest posts regularly to see future Connor Taylor captures. As well as featuring captures from studio sessions with models (see Jack Rogers posts), we post regularly on a wide range of topics from travel to healthy living, each post featuring jfFrank photos. We also post a regular London Photography Exhibitions featuring ten top photo exhibitions currently on in the capital. Have a look through […]