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Barbican Centre, London Photography Exhibitions June 2018

London Photography Exhibitions March 2018

Pop by 'n say hi!jfFrank online » Home » Latest » London Photography Exhibitions March 2018 This is a London Photography Exhibitions post from our archives. Click link to see the latest London Photography Exhibitions. London Photography Exhibitions March 2018 With both spring and the ramp up to Photo London 2018 starting, there is plenty of top photography on show now. In brief, two new exhibitions: The American Document and PJGX. The American Document at Huxley-Parlour significantly includes over forty major works. Meanwhile British documentary photography features at TJ Boulting. Notably, this show marks the tenth anniversary of the passing of British photojournalist Philip Jones Griffiths. While those shows have just opened, a few are coming to an end. Anthony McCall as well as John Stezaker: Love will end soon. There is also Hiro at Hamiltons which ends this weekend. The big hitters continue across the capital: Andreas Gursky, Victorian Giants and Another Kind of Life. Read on for further details, lower down. See the regularly updated London Photography Galleries list. The London Photography Galleries list compliments this post on London Photography Exhibitions. It contains information such as opening times and maps for the London photography exhibitions. The American Document: […]
Hayward Gallery, South Bank, Photography Exhibitions London February 2019

London Photography Exhibitions February 2018

Pop by 'n say hi!London Photography Exhibitions February 2018 This is a London Photography Exhibitions post from our archives. Click link to see the latest London Photography Exhibitions. jfFrank online » Home » Latest » London Photography Exhibitions London Photography Exhibitions this February 2018 are the best in London for a while. Ahead of the new Barbican photography exhibition there is a new Daido Moriyama display at Michael Hoppen. The epic Andreas Gursky exhibition at Hayward Gallery continues. There is also a free Gursky display at White Cube Gallery. Finally the UAL Olympus UK Photography Award 2018 exhibition ends soon. Read on for more details below. See the regularly updated London Photography Galleries list. The London Photography Galleries list compliments this post on London Photography Exhibitions. It contains information such as opening times and maps for the London photography exhibitions. Daido Moriyama Just opened. Free admission. Daido Moriyama is one of the most influential Japanese photographers of his generation. He is probably best known for his style of black and white street photography. Moriyama’s shots can look like unintentional snapshots at first. However, a closer look reveals his social commentary. His work highlights the breakdown of traditional values in modern […]
Hamiltons Gallery, London Photography Exhibitions April 2018

London Photography Exhibitions November 2017

Pop by 'n say hi!London Photography Exhibitions November 2017 This is a London Photography Exhibitions post from our archives. Click link to see the latest London Photography Exhibitions. jfFrank online » Home » Latest » London Photography Exhibitions The London photography exhibition landscape this November is certainly looking interesting. There is the promising Penn / Warhol exhibition which recently opened at Hamiltons Gallery in Mayfair to start. American social portraiture photography Catherine Opie is at the Thomas Dane gallery for the first time this month too. Meanwhile the masterful curation of the Beetles+Huxley annual exhibition is a treat, just north, in Mayfair. Some London photography exhibitions, including Niko Luoma’s Rhythm, Direction Light are coming to an end. Details below for closing dates and opening times for this exhibition and others. See the regularly updated London Photography Galleries list. The London Photography Galleries list compliments this post on London Photography Exhibitions, in addition to information on opening times and maps for the London photography exhibitions. Penn / Warhol: Signs Just opened Free admission. Penn is probably best known for his fashion work and associations with Vogue and Issey Miyake. Though he is known as a fashion photographer, he was, above all, […]
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Stay Young: Eat These Superfoods

Pop by 'n say hi!Stay Young Stay young: eat superfoods. In previous posts on food we have looked at ten slimming foods to eat every day, like avocado, spinach and chocolate. We have also looked at food for healthy skin. In this post we look at three superfoods which can help you stay young. Stay Young: Eat Pomegranate Pomegranate is a rich source of ellagic acid. Ellagic acid is natural nutrient which help limit mutations in a cell’s DNA. Eating the fruit can keep you looking young by reducing wrinkles. Ellagic acid can also help fight cancer. As well as reduce wrinkles, pomegranates can also help protect the skin against damage from UV rays. Stay Young: Drink Milk Drinking milk instead of a sugary drink after training is another way to stay young. Milk has a high content of certain amino acids. Those amino acids help build muscle and preserve it. So you can stay young, toning muscle and blasting fat by drinking milk. Stay Young: Take Vitamin B12 Dieticians typically recommend getting nutrients from food instead of supplements. However, 30% of adults over 50 have trouble absorbing Vitamin B12 according to research. Therefore those people may benefit from taking […]
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Personality Type – What Type Are You?

Pop by 'n say hi!Personality Type What personality type are you and how should that influence what career you opt for? One of the most popular tools for assessing personality types for U.S. corporates is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The indicator assigns people to one of 16 personality types based on how they measure themselves on four criteria. Personality Type Criteria There are four criteria scales and you decide which end of each scale you would place yourself on. From that choice you will have one of sixteen possible Myers Briggs personality types. Next step is finding that dream job! (E)xtrovert/(I)ntrovert Extroverts are energized by people and enjoy a variety of tasks while introverts like working alone or in small groups. (S)ensor/I(n)tuitive Sensors focus on facts and details while intuitive types survey the big picture, discovering opportunities by finding patterns. (T)hinker/(F)eeler Thinkers use logic and analysis, valuing honsety and consistency while feelers make deductions based on personal experiences. (J)udger/(P)erceiver Judges make plans and prefer following rules while perceivers are spontaneous and keep options open. How to find your personality type For each of the four criteria, chose one of the two options. Just take the letter in parenthesis from each […]
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New Face Nathan – Photoshoot Shots

Pop by 'n say hi!New Face Nathan Here’s the first shot from our recent studio photo shoot with new face Nathan. Nathan is a British male model, from South West England, six foot tall and quite a charmer! He is a talented musician as well as model. We had a fantastic time shooting with Nathan and hearing of his plans for the future and the various projects which are keeping him busy at the moment. Look out for more shots with new face Nathan in coming days. You can stay up-to-date by bookmarking the jfFrank latest page or saving it to your home screen. Alternatively, you will always see latest jfFrank shots by following jfFrank on Instagram. Stay up to date with Nathan too! The post photograph features new face Nathan posed in front of a studio background shot with a simple single studio light setup to set the mood for the shot. We post regularly on a wide range of topics from photography to healthy living, each post featuring jfFrank photos. In addition to that, we also post a regular London Photography Exhibitions featuring ten top photo exhibitions currently on in the capital. Have a look through our galleries […]
Stourhead, English landscape garden, Palladian Bridge

Palladian Bridge Stourhead Landscape Garden

Pop by 'n say hi!Palladian Bridge Palladian Bridges rose to fame in England during the 18th century. The most famous Palladian Bridge in the country is probably the one at Prior Park in Somerset, South West England. Britain’s most famous landscape gardener Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown advised the creation of the Prior Park Palladian Bridge. Venetian architect Andrea Palladio inspired the Palladian Bridge. Palladio himself found inspiration in classical Ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Palladio’s architecture did not require expensive materials. This meant it was popular with those with financial constraints. Many of Palladio’s buildings are concentrated in a small area of modern day Italy, though his influence spread far wider. This is because he wrote ‘Quattro Libri dell’Architettura‘ meaning the Four Books of Architecture. The work set out the rules of architecture Palladio thought should be followed. Consequently the volumes were well read and even influenced British architect Sir Christopher Wren. In all there are four Palladian bridges left in the world. Another famous Palladian bridge is the one at Stourhead in Wiltshire, England. The further two Palladian Bridges are at Stowe in Buckinghamshire and Wilton near Salisbury. Stourhead The post photograph features the Palladian bridge at Stourhead in Wiltshire […]
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Autumn Wiltshire walks – time for Wiltshire

Pop by 'n say hi!Autumn Wiltshire Walks Autumn Wiltshire walks could take in some of the county’s world famous sites, like Stone Henge and Avebury neolithic stone circles, Salisbury cathedral or the landscape gardens at Stourhead. In this Wiltshire Autumn walks post we consider some alternatives. Westbury White Horse Wilshire is probably just as famous for the white horses carved into hillsides as the neolithic stone circles. This four-mile, two-and-a-half hour Autumn Wiltshire walk takes you to one of the most famous white horses. The walk, along the western edge of Salisbury Plain, starts at Jubilee Hall in Bratton. After the walk consider lunch at The Duke in Bratton. More details for Westbury White Horse Walk. Bradford-Upon-Avon Another Autumn Wiltshire Walk takes you to Bradford-Upon-Avon. Bradford-upon-Avon is an enchanting Cotswold town in West Wiltshire. This walk lets you explore the town taking a canal side walk trough the centre. You can start and end at the Bradford-Upon-Avon Station car park and route is only a few miles long, taking a couple of hours. Salisbury Plain Finally, this Autumn Wiltshire walk take you onto Salisbury Plain – a landscape of extremes. There are 2,300 prehistoric sites, Britain’s longest prehistoric long-barrow and […]
Stourhead Garden, National Trust, Visit Wiltshire
Nov 07

Stourhead National Trust Wiltshire Garden

Pop by 'n say hi!Stourhead Stourhead is a National Trust managed Palladian mansion house and landscaped garden in Wiltshire, South-west England. The name Stourhead comes from the house’s location, close to the source of the River Stour. British banker Henry Hoare created Stourhead. The landscape paintings of Claude Lorrain provided his inspiration. Hoare returned from his Grand Tour (an 18th century equivalent of the Gap Year, reserved mainly for upper-class men and restricted to Europe) with a Lorrain painting. Consequently, he set about landscaping his Stourhead garden to resemble the Baroque master’s work. Stourhead was one of the first ‘picturesque‘ English landscape gardens. Probably the most famous English landscape gardener of all times was Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. Brown was better known for the ‘beautiful‘ style, which tends maybe not to be as dramatic as the picturesque style. While beautiful gardens feature rolling pastoral designs, picturesque gardens are replete with dead trees, artificial ruins and gorges. Your Stourhead Visit Don’t just visit Stourhead once, while it is both ‘picturesque’ and beautiful in autumn, either Winter, Spring or Summer have something equally splendid to offer. Entry is £15.60 (less without gift aid). Leave a bit of time to walk over to Alfred’s […]
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Nov 05

Key to Success in personal and professional life

Pop by 'n say hi!Key to Success What is the key to success? While some, like motivational speaker Denise Hill, say success is down to just two qualities. Others list further qualities, though there are recurring themes in the keys to success often given. Ambition and Work Ethic The Key to success lies in ambition and work ethic according to Denise Hill. Each is a necessary key to success though neither alone is sufficient. Someone who has a good work ethic while they lack drive can achieve high output but be inefficient at reaching personal targets. Contrarily, someone with ambition but reliant on luck to help them reach their goal may end up disappointed. Law of Attraction Australian spiritual writer Rhonda Byrne believes that the key to success lies in four qualities: Positivity: positive thought is a powerful success magnet which identifies and externalises your internal strengths and weaknesses, she write in The Secret. Talent : everyone has something they excel at, being artistic, having a charismatic personality, having beautiful eyes or a nice smile. By focussing efforts on your talent you accelerate your journey on your path to success. Determination: being able to get back on the horse after […]