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New Face Nathan – Photoshoot Shots

Pop by 'n say hi!New Face Nathan Here’s the first shot from our recent studio photo shoot with new face Nathan. Nathan is a British male model, from South West England, six foot tall and quite a charmer! He is a talented musician as well as model. We had a fantastic time shooting with Nathan and hearing of his plans for the future and the various projects which are keeping him busy at the moment. Look out for more shots with new face Nathan in coming days. You can stay up-to-date by bookmarking the jfFrank latest page or saving it to your home screen. Alternatively, you will always see latest jfFrank shots by following jfFrank on Instagram. Stay up to date with Nathan too! The post photograph features new face Nathan posed in front of a studio background shot with a simple single studio light setup to set the mood for the shot. We post regularly on a wide range of topics from photography to healthy living, each post featuring jfFrank photos. In addition to that, we also post a regular London Photography Exhibitions featuring ten top photo exhibitions currently on in the capital. Have a look through our galleries […]
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Palladian Bridge Stourhead Landscape Garden

Pop by 'n say hi!Palladian Bridge Palladian Bridges rose to fame in England during the 18th century. The most famous Palladian Bridge in the country is probably the one at Prior Park in Somerset, South West England. Britain’s most famous landscape gardener Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown advised the creation of the Prior Park Palladian Bridge. Venetian architect Andrea Palladio inspired the Palladian Bridge. Palladio himself found inspiration in classical Ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Palladio’s architecture did not require expensive materials. This meant it was popular with those with financial constraints. Many of Palladio’s buildings are concentrated in a small area of modern day Italy, though his influence spread far wider. This is because he wrote ‘Quattro Libri dell’Architettura‘ meaning the Four Books of Architecture. The work set out the rules of architecture Palladio thought should be followed. Consequently the volumes were well read and even influenced British architect Sir Christopher Wren. In all there are four Palladian bridges left in the world. Another famous Palladian bridge is the one at Stourhead in Wiltshire, England. The further two Palladian Bridges are at Stowe in Buckinghamshire and Wilton near Salisbury. Stourhead The post photograph features the Palladian bridge at Stourhead in Wiltshire […]
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Autumn Wiltshire walks – time for Wiltshire

Pop by 'n say hi!Autumn Wiltshire Walks Autumn Wiltshire walks could take in some of the county’s world famous sites, like Stone Henge and Avebury neolithic stone circles, Salisbury cathedral or the landscape gardens at Stourhead. In this Wiltshire Autumn walks post we consider some alternatives. Westbury White Horse Wilshire is probably just as famous for the white horses carved into hillsides as the neolithic stone circles. This four-mile, two-and-a-half hour Autumn Wiltshire walk takes you to one of the most famous white horses. The walk, along the western edge of Salisbury Plain, starts at Jubilee Hall in Bratton. After the walk consider lunch at The Duke in Bratton. More details for Westbury White Horse Walk. Bradford-Upon-Avon Another Autumn Wiltshire Walk takes you to Bradford-Upon-Avon. Bradford-upon-Avon is an enchanting Cotswold town in West Wiltshire. This walk lets you explore the town taking a canal side walk trough the centre. You can start and end at the Bradford-Upon-Avon Station car park and route is only a few miles long, taking a couple of hours. Salisbury Plain Finally, this Autumn Wiltshire walk take you onto Salisbury Plain – a landscape of extremes. There are 2,300 prehistoric sites, Britain’s longest prehistoric long-barrow and […]
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Nov 07

Stourhead National Trust Wiltshire Garden

Pop by 'n say hi!Stourhead Stourhead is a National Trust managed Palladian mansion house and landscaped garden in Wiltshire, South-west England. The name Stourhead comes from the house’s location, close to the source of the River Stour. British banker Henry Hoare created Stourhead. The landscape paintings of Claude Lorrain provided his inspiration. Hoare returned from his Grand Tour (an 18th century equivalent of the Gap Year, reserved mainly for upper-class men and restricted to Europe) with a Lorrain painting. Consequently, he set about landscaping his Stourhead garden to resemble the Baroque master’s work. Stourhead was one of the first ‘picturesque‘ English landscape gardens. Probably the most famous English landscape gardener of all times was Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. Brown was better known for the ‘beautiful‘ style, which tends maybe not to be as dramatic as the picturesque style. While beautiful gardens feature rolling pastoral designs, picturesque gardens are replete with dead trees, artificial ruins and gorges. Your Stourhead Visit Don’t just visit Stourhead once, while it is both ‘picturesque’ and beautiful in autumn, either Winter, Spring or Summer have something equally splendid to offer. Entry is £15.60 (less without gift aid). Leave a bit of time to walk over to Alfred’s […]
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Nov 05

Key to Success in personal and professional life

Pop by 'n say hi!Key to Success What is the key to success? While some, like motivational speaker Denise Hill, say success is down to just two qualities. Others list further qualities, though there are recurring themes in the keys to success often given. Ambition and Work Ethic The Key to success lies in ambition and work ethic according to Denise Hill. Each is a necessary key to success though neither alone is sufficient. Someone who has a good work ethic while they lack drive can achieve high output but be inefficient at reaching personal targets. Contrarily, someone with ambition but reliant on luck to help them reach their goal may end up disappointed. Law of Attraction Australian spiritual writer Rhonda Byrne believes that the key to success lies in four qualities: Positivity: positive thought is a powerful success magnet which identifies and externalises your internal strengths and weaknesses, she write in The Secret. Talent : everyone has something they excel at, being artistic, having a charismatic personality, having beautiful eyes or a nice smile. By focussing efforts on your talent you accelerate your journey on your path to success. Determination: being able to get back on the horse after […]
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Nov 02

Best workout time: before work, lunchtime or after work?

Pop by 'n say hi!Best workout time Best workout time really depends on what type of person you are and the type of training you want to get done that day. As modern life is so busy, it can be tricky to fit a regular exercise routine into our day. You may not have to worry about putting a lot of time into it though. This is because Norwegian research shows just twelve minutes’ of high intensity exercise three times a week was enough to stay fit, decreasing blood pressure and glucose levels in volunteers. That said what is best workout time to get the most out of those 12 minutes’ exercise? Muscle growth The best workout time for muscle growth could be afternoon or evening. That is because muscle strength increases from a low point in the morning, according to U.S. Sports Science research. Circadian rhythms mean peak performance can be achieved when your body is warmest in the evening, other research suggests. Finnish research at the University of Jyväskylä showed that less muscle was built when training in the morning compared to when training in the evening. This is all about muscle training though, what is the best […]
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Best Retouching App: Facetune, Portrait Pro or Photoshop

Pop by 'n say hi!Best retouching app What is the best retouching app? Many photos seen online and on photo sharing apps like Instagram have been edited or retouched. There are many apps available to retouch photos as a result, it is difficult to know which is the best retouching app to go with. Some apps are quick and easy to use. These are fantastic for getting your photo posted as quickly as possible. While other full feature applications like Photoshop probably require a little training. In addition to Photoshop, we look at Facetune and Portrait Pro, in this best retouching app piece, weighing up the pros and cons. Disclosure: We have not received compensation from the companies whose products we mentioned in this post. Facetune Facetune is a powerful yet simple to use premium smart phone app (available for iOS and android). It is great for concealing small blemishes because you can easily select which areas of the image to edit and to what degree. Portrait Pro While Portrait Pro has many powerful features, it is not that difficult to use making it a good contender for the best retouching app. Rather than run on your smartphone, Portrait Pro […]
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German Church Stockholm, Tyska Kyrkan

Pop by 'n say hi!German Church Stockholm, Tyska Kyrkan The German Church Stockholm (or Tyska Kyrkan in Swedish) of St Gertrude’s has stood in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan (Old Town) since the 1580s. Several architects were involved in the design of the German Church Stockholm including Wilhelm Boy who was King Eric III’s architect. The northern gate of the church is engraved with the church motto “Fear God! Honour the King!”. The interior of the church is Baroque in style with large windows. Why is there a German Church at the heart of Sweden’s Capital? Germans dominated the area of Gamla Stan where the church stands in the Middle Ages. In the 14th century a guild was founded on the site by German merchants. The many Germans merchants and craftsmen living in Stockholm in the Middle Ages did not have a separate site for their religious sermons though until King John III authorised the formation of a separate parish in 1571. Priests were summoned from Germany to form the first German ecclesiastical parish outside of Germany. The church was initially at another site, the current site was home to a Finnish chapel at the time. However within a few years the […]
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Swedish phone line: call a Swede

Pop by 'n say hi!Swedish phone line: call a Swede Swedish phone line: to mark the 250th anniversary of the abolition of censorship in Sweden, Swedish Tourism has created a Swedish phone line which will connect you to a random Swede. This makes Sweden the first country in the world to have its own telephone number. Svenska Turistföreningen (The Swedish Tourist Association) invites you to “Get connected to a random Swede and talk about anything“. Ever wanted to know how to make the perfect Swedish meatballs, how to pronounce ‘Ikea’ like a Swede or more about Malmö, where the Nordic Noir thriller The Bridge is set? Now it will only cost you a phone call to Sweden, to find out. What is the Swedish phone line? The number is +46 771 793 336. The line is staffed by volunteers, some just wanted to practice their English – though, despite what they often tell you, I am yet to meet a Swede who speaks English badly! Swedish phone line etiquette Apparently, some Swedes might get irritated if you ask them about Ikea furniture and ABBA, so be considerate when coming up with your question! Another potential pitfall is confusing Sweden with […]
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Stockholm Walks: Riksgatan, Gamla Stan

Pop by 'n say hi!Stockholm Walks Stockholm is modern, tranquil city, steeped in history. From the ABBA experience, to the Vasa Museum housing the 300 year old Swedish warship, there is literally something for everyone. The city is quite easy to navigate on foot, with many pedestrianised areas. You can walk the two kilometer route from the top of Drottninggatan (Queen Street), the modern, broad, shopping avenue, right down into Gamla Stan (The Old Town). You cross the Riksbron (Parliament Bridge) on to tiny island Helgeandsholmen, housing the Riksdagshuset (Parliament House), follow Riksgatan (pictured in this post) and then hop onto the medieval Gamla Stan (Old Town) island. There a narrow alley, Västerlånggatan, replete with souvenir shops to suit the taste of any tourist brings you to the other side of Gamla Stan. This, all without having to take a single turn – the only thing to get lost in is the irresistible charm of Sweden’s capital city! Stockholm Walks Ghost Walks in the Old Town This first of the Stockholm walks, runs from May to August and ‘walks you through’ some fascinating history, life stories and legends of Gamla Stan Photo Stockholm Walks organised by City Photo Tour take […]