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Nov 02

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Best workout time

Best workout time really depends on what type of person you are and the type of training you want to get done that day. As modern life is so busy, it can be tricky to fit a regular exercise routine into our day. You may not have to worry about putting a lot of time into it though. This is because Norwegian research shows just twelve minutes’ of high intensity exercise three times a week was enough to stay fit, decreasing blood pressure and glucose levels in volunteers. That said what is best workout time to get the most out of those 12 minutes’ exercise?

Muscle growth

The best workout time for muscle growth could be afternoon or evening. That is because muscle strength increases from a low point in the morning, according to U.S. Sports Science research. Circadian rhythms mean peak performance can be achieved when your body is warmest in the evening, other research suggests. Finnish research at the University of Jyväskylä showed that less muscle was built when training in the morning compared to when training in the evening. This is all about muscle training though, what is the best workout time for other forms of exercise?

Low Intensity Exercise

There is probably no best time of day for performance in low intensity exercise, such as walking or cycling. Though if you are looking to lose weight, some research has shown that training early, before breakfast can lead to slightly more fat burn.

Are you a morning person?

Believe it or not, the best workout time can depend on whether you area an owl or lark. We’re talking about chronology here… 20% of people are ‘owls’ performing better on evenings, they struggle to get through early morning starts. Larks on the other hand (about 10% of people) don’t even need a alarm clock to wake up in the morning, but are drowsy by early evening. What’s all this got to do with the best workout time? Scientific research suggests we get most from our workout when at our peak. So the best workout time for an owl will not be the best workout time for a lark. If you are an early starter, your best workout time might be the morning!

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